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My conception of art was born as a necessity to begin a vital and deep dialogue with the observer. I am among those who somehow takes a traditional look of a sculpture and the nourishment of multiple possibilities in interpreting the human soul with its passions, flirtations and suffering.

A sculptor of realities, pleasures, feelings of guilt, nature and fate, wanting to protect and heal the wounds of the environment uttered by man, blending a perfect binomial, man and nature.
Without sketching or a live model, I use my introspective life and my mood to capture fantasies, shouts, protests and impotence. I am the spokesman of the ones suffering in silence.

My art work in any material will generate awareness of emotion, pleasure, suffering and memory which is my vocation in response to the anguish and sense of the modern world. Continuing to live is a privilege of those who really feel that and with hard work and sacrifice go on surviving.

The Sculptor, Painter, Ceramicist & Designer, KALIN LUY KEN was born in Nasca, Peru on May 3rd 1964 to Chinese Peruvian parents.

Kalin, enjoyed reading, drawing and began painting on large format canvases in 1980.

In 1996, Kalin participated in the Peruvian Chinese School reconstruction, becoming the President of the board of directors.  Around that time, Kalin came across a piece of wood that was originally a “holy monk”. Transforming it into an Indian noble, in which he carved his intrinsic protest achieving popular acceptance. There came his love for the sculpture activity.

In 2007, He started to practice with ceramic at Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago for three months. After a few years of isolation, he started again with the use of ceramic at Oakton Community College, where he is currently working as a Lab Assistant in the Arts and Humanities Program.

Kalin Luy Ken is an artist whose schooling is life itself. Being self-taught as well as an eyewitness of multiple events. His work ranges in scale from small tabletop pieces to some of the largest format of contemporary metal sculptures, which grace public in the Peruvian towns of Marcona and Nasca, Peru.

Since 2007, Kalin has been a member of:
Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA..
​The Peruvian Arts Society, Chicago, Illinois, USA.
The American Society of Artists, Illinois, USA.
November 2016, Arte Padova 2016, Padua, ITALY
July 2016, “Taiwan Ceramic Biennale”, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum, Taipei, TAIWAN
June 2016, “Expo Inernazionale di Arti Visive In Mostra con Dalí”, Padova, ITALY
May 2016, “Art Shopping Carrousel Du Louvre”, Paris, FRANCE
April 2016, “Art EXPO New York”, New York, N.Y., USA
June 2015, “Korean Cultural Center Art Gallery Exhibition”, Wheeling, Illinois, USA
November 2014, “SOFA” (Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design Fair) Chicago, USA
November 2013, “SOFA” (Sculpture Objects Functional Art & Design Fair) Chicago, USA
September 2013, “Beijing Art Expo 2013” Beijing, CHINA
May 2013-Current, “Ann Nathan Gallery”, Chicago, Illinois, USA
March 2013, “The Nature Project” Brickton Art Center, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
November 2012, “The Art and Music of Nature”, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
May 2012, Luy Ken Art “Solo Exhibition”, Chicago, Illinois, USA
April 2012, “Koehnline Museum of Art” Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
March 2012, “SkyWay”. Cicero, Illinois, USA
March 2012, “A. Jain Marunouchi Gallery”, New York, NY, USA
October 2011, “The Nature Project” Brickton Art Center, Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
September 2011, “Shanghai Art Fair 2011” Shanghai, CHINA
June 2011, “The Field Project Art Festival” Oregon, Illinois, USA
April 2011, “Koehnline Museum of Art” Des Plaines, Illinois. USA
March 2011, “American Symbols” Oakton College, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
December 2010, “Empty Bowls at Oakton” Ceramic artwork donated, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
June 2008, “Custer’s Last Stand” Festival of the Arts, Evanston, Illinois, USA
May 2008, “Peruvian Treasures and Beyond Installation” Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
June 2007, “The Field Project Art Festival” Oregon, Illinois, USA
February 2007, “Tripoli Shrine Center” Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
July 2006, “Daley Plaza Civic Center” Chicago, Illinois, USA
June 2004, “CNE Peruvian Chinese School” Nasca, Ica, PERU
September 2000, “Archaeological Museum Antonini” Nasca, Ica, PERU
May 2000, “ETNIAS Gallery Installation” Nasca, Ica, PERU
January 2000, “Large format installation and unveiling of Maria Reiche monument” Nasca, Ica, PERU
June 1997, “Museo Reserva Nacional Pampas Galeras” Ayacucho, PERU.


2016, C.A.T.S. (Contemporary Art Talent Show) 3rd Prize Arte Padova 2016, Padua, ITALY
2015, Taiwan Ceramic Biennale Finalist Art Group, New Taipei City Yingge Ceramics Museum
2013, Article “Nature Speaks at Oakton Art Show” By Hailey Boyle, Oakton College Newspaper
2012, Award of Excellence “SkyWay”. Cicero, Illinois, USA
2011, Article “American Pavillion Shanghai Art Fair” La Voz de Ica, Peruvian Newspaper
2004, “Gold Hummingbird” for Best Artist, by the local press Nasca, Ica, PERU
2003, “Educational Promoter Award” by the local press Nasca, Ica, PERU
2001, Article “Alameda Maria Reiche” sculptures, published in “El Comercio” Peruvian Newspaper
2001, “Nasca City Festival” School competition of Painting and Sculpture Juror, Nasca, Ica, PERU
2000, “Regional Art Contest” Juror, Nasca, Ica, PERU2000, “City Medal and Diploma of Merit 
2011, “American Symbols” 1st place at Oakton College, Des Plaines, Illinois, USA
2011, Article “Imagination Oakton College Newspaper
2006, Article “Self Taught Artist” published in “The Bugle” American NewspaperAward” City Hall, Nasca, Ica, PERU
1999, “Maria Reiche Recognition” City Hall, Nasca, Ica, PERU
1999, Article “The Huarango Scream” sculpture, published in “El Peruano” Peruvian Newspaper
1997, Article “The Lord of Nasca” sculpture, published in “El Comercio” Peruvian Newspaper